We manufacture high-quality and top-performing 4-cycle gokart headers.


We can custom build any type of pipe.  If you can think of it, we can build it.


We offer a wide variety of pipes for every karter's needs.


Authorized Dealers

Rapp Fab only works with our authorized dealers.  Any of our dealers will be happy to help you with your header product questions and purchases.


All of our

headers are black-oxide plated or ceramic-coated for corrosion resistance.


Flanges are TIG welded for superior strength against breakage.

We have over 100 styles of in-stock and special-order headers available.

We build exclusive pipes for your needs.

Built to last and go fast


Rapp Fabricating is dedicated to building powerful, durable, and winning headers.

Check out our Products! We have what you're looking for....it's a Rapp.


New products and pictures coming soon!

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