General Guidelines


  • Adding length or going to a smaller interior diameter (I.D.) of a header pipe will usually provide more torque/ bottom end to the engine.


  • The most popular length of header pipes are 18" and 20".  However, we can make pipes in a variety of length.  Please don't hesitate to contact us.  We're happy to make your wants a reality.


Animal/Raptor Guidelines


I.D.                                      Application


.840                                      Purple Plate / Blue Plate

.880                                      Purple / Blue

.906                                      Gold Plate / Stock

.930                                      Stock

.960                                      Stock / Modified

.990                                      Modified / Open 

                                            (15" & 18" most popular lengths)


Loop pipes available upon request.


Honda/Clone Guidelines


I.D.                                      Application


3/4                                        AKRA   Spec

.880                                      Stock Open Pipe Rule

.906                                      Stock Open Pipe Rule

.930                                      Stock Open Pipe Rule

.930 BP                                Superbox / Builders Preferred Specs

.960                                      Modified

.990                                      Modified / Open


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