About Me

Name: Levi Rapp
Hometown: Concord, NC


Racing has been a part of my life since I was a child.  It was because of my personal racing career that my father started building his own headers; thus creating Rapp Fabricating, Inc.  My father and I have been involved in the racing industry for over 32 years.  The third generation of Rapp racers  started driving in May of 2015.  My son, Landon, is now driving a bandolero, go-kart, and mini outlaw. Of course, Rapp Headers can help with your header needs for those as well.  


Rapp Headers are still winning races.  I have a feeling of pride every time I see a Rapp Header win, albeit my son or one of my customers.  Rapp Fabricating's dedication to the sport has never strayed, and we thrive on watching races.  We keep up with the new trends and love setting our own trends, too.  Our headers are built to last and go fast. 


I'm always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Please call or email Rapp Fabricating any time.  


Thanks to our current customers and welcome to our new customers...you've discovered the Rapp difference!  


Race hard and race safe,


Landon Rapp driving the Rapp Headers bandolero
Landon Rapp driving the Rapp Headers Mini Outlaw
Landon Rapp driving the Rapp Headers Go-Kart


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